Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans

Soll Planning works with communities to plan for a future where walking and bicycling can be safe, comfortable ways to get around.  Our planning expertise blends data-driven approaches with community input to ensure that projects envisioned reflect current and future population needs.  We work hand-in-hand with elected officials and staff to develop implementable, successful plans.


Complete  Streets Policy Workshops

What is a Complete Street?  How can your town become friendlier to people walking and biking, and to developers wishing to build more sustainable developments?  Our Complete Streets Policy Workshops can provide elected officials and staff members with the foundation and tools to develop your own Complete Streets Policy and start paving the way towards policies that encourage the outcomes that you desire for your community.


Corridor Planning

Every transportation project is an opportunity to improve conditions to people walking and biking, and in doing so, create healthier, safer communities.  From greenways and trails to highways and bridges, our team can assist you throughout the project development process to ensure that safe and convenient facilities for walking and biking are included in every transportation project.